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Lonsdale Youth Ball is a very proud organization. We are solely a volunteer organization that thrives on parents and community members that want to make Lonsdale a great place for their children to grow up. Our parents, coaches and coordinators are second to none, but we always could use more volunteers to help.

There can never be too much help when it comes to making our children’s lives more enjoyable. Lonsdale has long been known as a “Baseball Town,” our goal is to stay that way. That is why it is vital to our children that we get good and responsible coaches to help out. We are always happy to take volunteers that want to help coach. However, not everyone is a head coach, and summer time is busy. Each team should have at least one assistant coach. Ultimately, we want our players to have someone to look up to, and coaches can be great role models for our kids. In addition to that, league coordinators are the driving force behind each league and age level. These volunteers are few and far between, but have a significant impact on everything that goes on behind the scenes. If any parent is interested in helping out in some way, volunteers are always more than welcome.

As a special thank you to parents volunteering their time and knowledge as coaches, all Head Coaches will receive game uniform tops for their team. In the event that we have more coaching volunteers than teams, the coaching positions will go first to coaches that previously helped out in past seasons. All other vacancies will be determined by the Lonsdale Youth Ball Board.

In addition to becoming a volunteer that is directly related with our youth coaching or organizational leadership, we also would like to provide more activities for the program. If anyone is interested in planning a special event such as a field trip to a Twins game, a youth baseball clinic, or anything else that members of the community think may be great for the kids, please contact us with your ideas. The key to any successful program is community involvement. The leaders of our Youth Ball Program want to make this a great experience for our kids.

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